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I am working on both documentary photography and fine art photography. At the same time, he is also the author of photography-related books and recently runs a YouTube channel.


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Dcumentray Photography

I have done a lot of work on ethnic minorities, their culture, and their own unique living environment that contrasts with the majority. In addition to the minority ethnic groups living in the Jomia region, the Rohingya tribe, who recently suffered a mass refugee crisis due to persecution, and the minority ethnic groups living closely in the huge coal mining area of India, are working.

Visual Art Photography

I am very interested in creating new images using a tool called photography. This work not only expands my imagination, but also talks about how I see the world. Some of the works that go beyond the characteristics of the medium of recording and put more emphasis on the part of expression include 'Nangfa, looking back on the kingdom' and 'living as a university student in Korea'.

Book writer, YouTuber

I published a book on photography in Korea. Representatively, there is'Photoshop, Lightroom Photo Correction Lecture', which deals with the technical aspects of software for post-production. I also have'Kwon Hakbong's Photo Lighting Lecture', which deals with professional skills from the basics of photographic lighting. This book is a massive two-volume series that has come to be called the Bible of Photography Lighting.
Currently, I am sharing photography related lectures and news with many subscribers through YouTube.

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Inquiries about photo-related collaborations or photography are always welcome.


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