Living as a college student in Korea

Living as a college student in Korea

Date: 23 MAR 2015 ~ 30 MAR 2015

About: Fine Art photography solo exhibition

Job: Photographer artist

Location: Gallery Art Space Knot, Seoul, Korea

Living as a college student in Korea.

In our country, the poetry and space of university have a little more special meaning than in other countries. That’s because it will be the first experience of a life that has secured its own place, like it or not, after a near-infinite competition, looking only at the entrance exams by that time. So not only is it a time of rest before finding a job, but also a niche in designing the future and building humanistic culture as a person, and finding himself.

The generation, full of enthusiasm for the absurdity of the times, was engrossed in ideology and philosophy in search of their own legitimacy. And as an act, he managed to digest the young fever in good health. So our society has balanced itself to clean up.

However, it is also the university that brought about the biggest change, with capital dominating all the zeitgeist. The university has been rearranged to suit the taste of hegemony, and in that small crack there is once again a fierce race of survival. As a result, culture and humanities skills are ignored and only practical value of use remains.

Currently, universities have given up almost all functions on their own, except for the role of job preparation agencies. That’s why students have to fight each other day and night to break through another rivalry: not entrance exams but employment. Even the competition is marred by the gap between rich and poor and ranking problems, which further afflict university students. They may be the most distressed class in the Republic of Korea.

These university problems have been beginning to show the same effect as losing one weight, balance. Our society has lost its balance and is biased to one side. College has become a department store for all the problems our society has.

I wanted to express the social problem in a humorous way with excessive seriousness. Through the pictures, I wanted to work with visual appeal, regardless of reality and reality. Therefore, he actively introduced and filmed the techniques of commercial photography, and created more exaggerated and extreme visuals in the post-editing process. Through this I want to talk about all the problems we have.