Face of Mongolia

31 MAY 2014 ~ 13 JUN 2014

Solo Exhibition by Hankyoreh Newspaper Company award

Photographer artist

Gallery Madagascar, Seoul, Korea

We wanted to capture the images of nomads living on livestock in the vast and harsh conditions of Mongolia. The culture of nomads, who don’t own anything more than they can carry because they have to move all the time, was foreign. I think that culture has shaped people’s firm will and proud personality.

Personality appears naturally. It’s a contrast to the way we try and struggle to have, and because we don’t have it, we repeat frustration and despair.

I was fascinated by this arrangement.

Work is done using artificial lighting and digital editing techniques used in commercial photography, but it’s a documentary-style picture of everything they go to and wear and hold in their places.

With this way of working, I wanted to create a new perspective on the subject.

I hope that the Mongolian people will feel their strong will and their proud and strong personality

Spring 2014, Kwon Hak Bong

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