Colors of Thailand

Colors of Thailand

Date: 24 NOV 2017 ~ 29 NOV 2017

About: Documentary photo works exhibition at Bangkok

Job: Photographer artist

Location: Cho Why gallery, Bangkok

Photographer Kwon Hakbong says in his work note.

I`ve been working in Thailand for a long time, but what I always feel is that Thailand lives with a variety of cultures, ethnicities and traditions. In a way, it may be because my hometown, where I was born and raised, is standing on its feet only amid the huge trend of a single race, a single culture and a fad.

Although I have long thought that I would like to bring together the diverse daily lives of Thais in one place one day, many situations have been ambiguous to announce in reality.

It brings together various images of Thailand, which has been working on the pretext of an individual exhibition for the first time in Thailand. Some of the work was done in a series about a particular culture of minorities, while others were based on a small daily routine in the neighborhood where the wife lived.

It is interesting to see how Thailand’s image will look to people living on the scene, but it has given me an opportunity to check my own eyes on Thailand.

In that sense, let me summarize the work I have done in Thailand over the years. I want to end with respect and dignity as one who is ostensibly different but essentially identical.”

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