The Notion of Being
in Present Time and Place

The Notion of Being in Present Time and Place

Date: 25 AUG ~ 8 SEP 2022

About: Fine Art photography

Job: Artist

Location: Rumpueng Community Art Space

Rumpueng Community Art Space



Thesis Advisor Dr. Rushdi Anwar

The Notion of Being in Present Time and Place

I always have dreamed of being in a better place. Therefore, I have constantly moved from one place to another. Finally, I have moved from Korea to Thailand, where I am living. That has been four years since then. Before proceeding, I imagined Thailand would be a better place, based on my previous experience. However, living in Thailand and facing reality the way I envisioned it does not match what I experienced in Thailand before moving in.
As an Artist photographer, I have constantly tried to capture and express something that concerns me. Through photography, I aimed to address the notion of “Home” and the ideal place that I seek, to evoke human conditions of being lost or in the stage of alienation, not being with self in the present time—living in the past and romanticizing the future.

This research study intends to focus on and explore the notion of “Homelessness”, a term used by my German Philosopher Martin Heidegger (1889- 1976).

Martin Heidegger said, “Homelessness is coming to be the destiny of the world” (Heidegger, M., & Krell, D. F., 1993). He was not drawing the idea of the physical home and the lack of housing. Instead, he observed the notion of alienation and losing self that would face humankind during (post)modern or technological epochs. Therefore, people will be disconnected from themselves as (self-being).
We face unsheltered and become a wanderer in the hostile ground, and we feel exposed and helpless, “homeless” with no place to heal. Heidegger said, “Homelessness … consists in the abandonment of Being by beings.
Heidegger stresses self-realization as an independent being and being thrown into a world; this self-being helps understand the world that individuals live in, allowing individuals to navigate their lives to achieve their goals and create meaning for their existence. Self-begin constructs and builds a meaningful “Home”.
I was inspired by Dan Flavin who used fluorescent lamps to fill up the gallery. That the light is not owned or kept. He is looking for the purity of materials that we see every day of life. So, light is the best material for expressing this concept. The light owns color by itself but we sensed only three of the real colors. However, I want to make it so exhibitors can change colors. So, I am looking for Danny Rozin who is famous for interactive artworks. His works give me many ideas about how to interact with exhibitors. I would like to say the space itself can communicate with exhibitors as Mark Rothko’s work in Houston Chapel. That works show the space itself can be a tool of expression.

The key objective is to produce an (installation, interactive color-photography) work that evokes the notion of living in the era of “homelessness,” the state of alienation. To produce artwork that evokes discomfort as a living state for most people, which has become the phenomenon of our modern life,

I try to make a small space it is not connected outside or to the real world. An isolated exhibitor should try to wander around inside. The location that the key of change the color of the wall. May they try a bit harder and all location, suddenly their self-portrait image has come all around the wall. Soon, the image gradually fades out and disappears. “

I want to give exhibitors that experience. Because it is represented wondering about life and losing the Being by ourselves. Sometimes We realize the Being and understanding about ourselves, but it slowly fades out and is forgotten.

Thanks to visit my exhibition and if you have any questions or whatever please send an e-mail to me.

From Lampang
Hakbong Kwon


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