Face on the Mountain

Face on the Mountain

Date: 1 NOV 2016 ~ 6 NOV 2016

About: Join the photo festival as solo exhibition

Job: Photographer artist

Location: Suwon Art Center, Korea

& invitation exhibition

Date: 15 NOV 2016 ~ 20 NOV 2016

About: invitation exhibition

Job: Photographer artist

Location: Yermi Gallery, Korea

Face on the mountain

There are many minorities groups living across from south eastern China to Northern area of south-east Asia. Some of them have lived in the place for a long time. Others have moved from China, Myanmar, Laos to avoid World War II and revolution in China. Most of them have overcome many kinds of suffering for instance, The Karen fought against Myanmar Gov. to achieve independence and The Hmong race group in Laos had to cooperate with CIA during Vietnam war to be enemy of Laos and Vietnam communist regime.

Recently all of minority group are experiencing the trend of change. Capitalism seems to be resisted because some aspects of it means convenience of lives. However, many villages still keep the tradition and live with simple agriculture around 1000-meter-high on the mountain.

I feel sorry to lose and forget the traditional culture. It maybe because I have seriously experienced how we lose it quickly and destroy it terribly. So, when I confront with their traditional culture those always remind me the traditional culture of Korea. Like me, you may feel the thirsty various of traditional cultures. That makes us have various kinds of inner mind and thought. These days, some governments make money by showing the minority groups to tourists in amusement park. That is too selfish thing of them to do to those who already lost the tradition culture.

I’d like to record their traditional culture before being vanished all. I focus on what they want to show to me even if it`s not so attractive and sensational. Time will make story itself. I don`t know myself when I will complete this project but the important thing is that it gives me motivation to keep doing. Meanwhile, that’s true it makes me sad to face vanishing little by little of their traditional origin culture.

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