Infinite grid Pro in content

Kreative Theme includes an optimized version of the Infinite Gird Pro WordPress Plugin. this plugin allows to create unlimited, filterable / sortable multimedia portfolios in an infinite grid layout, product swhowcase, image galleries with unlimited possibilities.

The way IGP is handling the thumbnails is as follows, once the grid is initialized the first available thumbnails from the current category are added in order from left to right, after a drag or zoom is performed using a complex mathematical algorithm new thumbnails are added randomly, the new added thumbnails will remember their place in the grid no matter in which direction the grid is dragged and at the same time IGP is not allowing the same thumbnail to be repeated in it’s close proximity.


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Infinite Grid Pro main playlist with id fullscreen_playlist_1 does not exist!

Some of IGP features include

  • responsive and fluidwidth layouts.
  • custom press thumbnail action. When a thumbnail is pressed you can choose to do nothing, display multimedia content using our great revolution lightbox, or to open a new webpage.
  • optional visited thumbnails, this allows thumbnails that were clicked or viewed with the ligthbox to have reduced opacity, this way the user can easily see which content was viewed.
  • single or multiple categories selection.
  • customizable drag, the grid drag direction can be set to horizontal, vertical, both or none.
  • auto scroll, the grid can be set to auto scroll, the auto scroll direction and speed are customizable.
  • optional grid zoom.
  • customizable thumbnails interactivity (thumbnails can be set to do nothing when clicked).
  • randomizable categories, each playlist can load and show thumbnails in random order or in normal order.
  • optional thumbnails overlay, also a specific color can be set individually for each thumbnail overlay.
  • custom made multimedia lightbox that supports image, video, audio, youtube, vimeo, iframe.
  • optional help screen.
  • much more …