Hakbong Kwon`s Professional photo lighting 1

Book 1

Publication date: 11 JUL 2018

ISBN     9788960305069(8960305065)

210 * 257 mm / 540 pages


About Hakbong Kwon`s Professional photo lighting 1

The result of photographic lighting may be art, but the process is closer to technology and science. So we should systematically organize theories from the basics of exposure, the nature of light, the direction of light, the relationship between light and distance, to the advanced theory. As a result, the photography course and how to use the programs were organized into basic, intermediate, and advanced categories. To make it memorable, we explained only the key points as briefly as possible, and detailed contextual applications consisted of moving from the studio to the outdoors, from the product to the person, and actualizing the theory through various filming.

So many models and places have been selected to create examples for the book for a long time. Under the theme of products in BOOK 1, the theme of “BOK 1,” and “BOK 2” revealed the know-how in setting up lighting for each category of programs that are open to the public, including books, clothes, cosmetics, liquor, jewelry, jewelry, sports, fairy tales, weddings, pictorials, magazines, catalogs, advertisements, documentaries and action photography. One of the biggest features of the book is that it provides proper information about equipment. He selected a single part of BOOK 1 and devoted it to the entire volume. From tens of millions of won lighting to hundreds of won laundry carts, the type of equipment needed for photography, price, features, installation methods, and even the location of the operating button. Since I share the results by experimenting with performance directly, not by the manufacturer’s ad, I will be able to choose what equipment I need after reading the book through.