Hakbong Kwon`s Professional photo lighting 2

Book 2

Publication date: 11 JUL 2018

ISBN     9788960305076(8960305073)

210 * 257 mm / 628 pages


About Hakbong Kwon`s Professional photo lighting 2

The pictures in the advertisement are wonderful. There are times when I feel so cool that my heart beats, but that’s all. I used to buy three or four million won canons and Nikon cameras, and I bought 700,000 won speedlights for professionals who I really wanted to take. Do you really think so?

To begin with, it’s not something you can’t do. They are not special and need a lot of money. I can assure you that you didn’t have a chance to learn ‘photo lighting’. No matter how curious the lighting may be, I think the problem is a frustrating system where there is no right place to teach or learn. Photography technology has to be shared, and the idea that what matters in photography is not technology has led to the publication of this book after a really long time. You will be able to satisfy your thirst for ‘picture lighting’.

This book has two volumes in total. It was divided because of its thickness of more than 1,000 pages, but it consisted of a flow from the beginning. There are several criteria for penetrating this enormous amount, which have been considered since the planning stage six years ago. The truth is that I have sympathized with the requests of many photographers.