Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC Lecture
Bestseller in category

Publication date: 2 NOV 2016

ISBN     9788960304727(8960304727)

210 * 257 mm / 602 pages

Is the camera bad? I know how to do Photoshop. Why? I don’t know how to make that kind of color come to life in my picture. What if I sigh in front of hundreds of pictures?

Photoshop is not the only tool for photographers. If you’re interested in “photos” right now, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a hobby, a professional, an illustrator, or an artist. In BOOK 1, a collection of light rooms and retouching, which are essential for handling photos, is based on the basis of the basic picture, which was roughly passed on, such as exposure and color, based on how to use the light room. The BOOK 2 features working-level techniques used by real professionals, including cosmetic ads, bridal photo corrections, landscapes and documentaries and top-notch technologies in noise removal that were not covered in any other book. Don’t miss the pleasure of seeing beautiful pictures while you are learning the works of an incumbent professional photographer.