Publication date: 14 AUG 2019 ISBN     9788960305304(8960305308) 210 * 257 mm / 664 pages About Hakbong Kwon`s Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC Lecture <Hakbong Kwon`s Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC Lecture> was newly created to fit the version of Adobe CC. The book’s pride was reinforced by ‘communication with readers’ after it was composed so that the contents of two volumes can […]

Publication date: 2 NOV 2016 ISBN     9788960304727(8960304727) 210 * 257 mm / 602 pages Is the camera bad? I know how to do Photoshop. Why? I don’t know how to make that kind of color come to life in my picture. What if I sigh in front of hundreds of pictures? Photoshop is not the only tool for photographers. If […]